Flip Diaper Cover $16.95

Coming soon!
Flip LOVE is a pre-order item.
These lightweight covers are compatible with the Flip hybrid system.
Excellent with prefold diapers folded in thirds and fitted diapers.
Easy to wash and fast drying.
Stretchy tabs give baby an excellent fit and the 3 size ajustable snaps will give a great fit to small babies to toddlers.

Flip Training Pant Kit

Pull-on or snap-off
Removable, stretch-to-fit side panels create custom fit
Form fitting leg elastic prevents leaks
Waterproof shell, Wipe clean and reuse
Hook & Loop strips secure pad in place
Soft, ultra-absorbent, Oeko-Tex certified organic cotton pad folds down to adjust size
Colorful interchangeable tabs allow for almost 200 potential looks
Replace pads instead of the entire trainer when accidents happen