Nikky Diaper Covers$16.00–$17.00

Nikky's are one of the finest covers in the market and have been covering baby's bottoms for over 80 years. These are no longer made, so take advantage and diaper your baby with a piece of diapering history. Nikky invented and held the international patent of diaper covers for many years. Invented and made in Japan.
Limited sizes and quantities available.
Newborn (up to 9 lbs)
Small (9-14 lbs)
Medium (14-18 lbs)
Large (18-22 lbs)
X-large (22-27 lbs)
S-large (27 + lbs)

Nikky Wool Diaper Covers are the most breathable of the collection. Excellent for night time and babies that are prone to diaper rash. This cover will keep your baby's bottom cool.

Nikky heavy duty polyester is designed for "not so gentle" washing routines. This cover highly durable. Excellent for night time and heavy wetters, leg gussets help keep messes where they should be.
Made of soft polyester and velcro closure. Ultra trim when used with bamboo prefolds, also perfect with diaper service quality ones.

Nikky waterproof diaper covers are made with one layer of 100% cotton lined with soft polyester.
Velcro closure to get a perfect fit every time and leg gussets to keep messes where they should be.
Made in Japan.